Proprietary Mounts

GPO Display video wall mounts reduce installation time, ensure lifetime alignment, and include side covers/trim.
Mounts* and floor stand available in any desired hex color.

Z-Shift & Z-Shift Slim Mount

These proprietary mounts provide the same ease of installation and alignment associated with all GPO mounting innovations but with some key improvements. A slimmer profile allows displays to fit in more spaces than before.

Service channels enable access to individual displays for service or replacement without having to dismount adjacent monitors. As with all GPO Display proprietary mounting solutions, side covers are included at no additional cost.

Shift-Lock Mount

*This mount design has been discontinued

Like most proprietary GPO Display mounts, the Shift-Lock mount provides automatic alignment. This mount also features a fixed and service position which allows access to individual displays, without having to dismount neighboring units.

Slide-Bracket Mount

Slide-Bracket Mounts are incredibly easy to setup and make for quick installations. These unique video wall mounts ensure that display alignment is maintained throughout the video wall matrix for the duration of the installation’s lifetime.

Floor Stand

Floor Stands can be used to create self-supporting video walls of infinite length. Optional locking rear doors are available for floor stand mounts and lend a clean, finished appearance to the wall from every angle. Floor Stands are built-to-order and can be customized upon request. Floor stands can include either wheels or anchors at the base.

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