A Whole New Dynamic with Transparent OLED

T-OLEDs’ transparency allows you to place objects behind the display while showing dynamic, informational content about the object(s). This benefits retail users by drawing customers’ eyes to featured products in a unique, eye-catching manner. While static signage can be used effectively in storefronts and digital signage can use vibrant video content to draw users’ attention, T-OLEDs combine the best of both worlds.

Other users, such as museums and cultural centers, benefit from the augmented reality aspect of T-OLED. Historical artifacts come to life when video is played on a T-OLED placed in front of them. This immersive aspect of T-OLED makes exhibits more engaging, interesting, and informative.

Corporate lobbies also benefit from T-OLED technology, bringing “wow” factor to your company’s customer experience center or waiting area. Highlight product development using scale models behind T-OLED panels or bring your visitors through your company’s historical timeline with a row of T-OLEDs. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Features Overview
Cut Sheets

Design Flexibility

T-OLEDs can be placed in landscape or portrait orientation as well as video wall configurations (up to two rows high in landscape w/infinite columns or two columns wide in portrait w/infinite rows). This makes for a super-narrow 8mm tiled gap between displays without the prominent black bezel of LCD video walls. GPO Display can also redesign & customize the T-OLED’s electronics box so that it may fit in tight spots like window frames or table pockets typically reserved for cable-cubby boxes.

Informative Content

Displaying a product or model with a transparent OLED will provide a creative way to show interactive content. Perfect for displaying informative content while being able to visually see the model or product on display. Anything from introducing a new oil rig model in a corporate lobby, to showcasing artifacts or sculptures in a museum. There are endless possibilities!

A New Take on Virtual Telepresence

Transparent OLEDs present new possibilities in the realm of telepresence and augmented reality. Video Teleconferencing (VTC) with Transparent OLEDs makes it appear as if the person you are speaking with is at the table with you. With a simple black backdrop, remote users appear on the T-OLED surrounded by transparent glass. This means that instead of seeing the remote user’s surroundings, you will see your own room in the background.


10pt or 32pt Infrared (IR) touch is optional for T-OLEDs. By lending touch interactivity to transparent OLEDs, users can create futuristic display environments ranging from vending solutions to interactive heads-up displays (HUDs) in meeting/breakout rooms.

Transparent Panel

This display is “see-through” and features 38% transparency.

Protective Glass

Features Sturdiglass (2mm thick optically-bonded protective glass) on either side of OLED panel.

Optional 10-32pt Touch

Optional 10pt or 32pt Infrared (IR) touch interactivity.

Real Color

OLED technology provides better color reproduction than other commercial display technologies with a color gamut of 120% NTSC.

Multivision Processsing

Expand sources over entire video wall arrays.

Video Wall Control Software

Our free control software will allow you to power on/off (manual or scheduled) and adjust multivision settings.

4K Daisy Chain

T-OLEDs support the daisy-chaining of a 4K signal via DP.

HDCP Compliant

HDCP-Compliant digital inputs.

Item Detail
Model EB550BTS
Display Technology Active Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode (AMOLED)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Display Active Area 47.6″ (W) x 26.8″ (H) (1209.6 mm x 680.4mm)
Brightness (Typ.) Full white: 150nit, Window 10% white: 400nit
Contrast Ratio (Typ.) >100k:1
Transparency  38%
Displayable Colors 10bit(D), 1.07 billion colors
Response Time (Typ. GTG) <1 ms
Orientation Landscape or Portrait
Surface Treatment Sturdiglass (2mm Tempered glass Optical bonded)
Power Consumption 105W(Typ.), 350W(Max.)
Operating Time 18hrs/day
Input (3) HDMI-3840×2160 @60Hz , (2) DisplayPort – 3840×2160 @60Hz, (1) RS232, (1) USB – for service
Output (1) DisplayPort – 3840×2160 @60Hz, (1) RS232
Item Download
User Manual Download file
Serial Command List Download file
Warranty Warranty
Screen Size Tiled Bezel Width Transparency Cutsheet Download
55″ 3.5mm tiled (L/R/U: 3.5mm D: 8.9mm) 38% EB550BTS

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