Panoramic Displays

Stretched LED-LCD

Our panoramic displays offer a unique approach to digital signage. These displays will fit into spaces which 16:9 aspect ratio displays will not, creating a dynamic eye-catching experience. Panoramic LCDs ship with wall mount brackets and trim kits making for a clean, attractive appearance from any angle. Custom housing options allow for an even better fit to specific interior design schemes. All PA-series panoramic LCDs are proudly assembled in the United States and are TAA-compliant.



Your company’s first impression is made the moment a partner or potential client steps foot in your lobby. Your lobby is a representation of your organization. While increasingly common in corporate lobbies, digital signage can dominate spaces and overwhelm visitors. Panoramic displays are more of a compliment to a lobby or entrance way, lending “wow” factor while still blending in to the interior design. Whether Panoramic displays are used in a decorative fashion or in a functional way (world clocks, informational signage), they are the perfect fit for virtually any lobby.


You don’t have to sacrifice valuable real estate for digital signage in your retail space. Panoramic displays are the perfect fit for ads, promotions, daily specials and featured products. Likewise, clothing and other retail environments can benefit from endcaps, point of sale advertising (upsell opportunities!) or even video-enabled shelving that incorporates panoramic displays. Request your logo or brand colors on Panoramic display housing for an even more complete and effective signage solution.


Conference rooms provide an area where the sharing of ideas and problem-solving can take place uninterrupted. How many times have you had a meeting interrupted by someone asking, “How long will you need the room?” This disturbs the flow of the meeting and impacts productivity. Panoramic displays help keep coworkers well-informed of the room’s schedule for the day. Seeing the room’s schedule for the day in large, legible print will help employees take their impromptu meetings elsewhere without being disruptive.


View content, not your reflection.


Our models range from 300nit to 800nit brightness.

Custom Design

We can: customize housing design (graphics), personalize colors down to hex codes, and add your companies logos.

Display Sizes

Available in sizes ranging from 12″ to 50″.

Made to Order

Height, screen angle, and housing design can all tailored to your preferences.

Touch Function (Optional)

Get hands on with this product.

Unique Aspect Ratio

Catch everyone’s attention with a refreshing aspect ratio.

Model NameScreen SizeNative ResolutionBrightness
PA86H (EOL)86″3840×1080500nit
PA88H (EOL)88″3840×1080700nit
User Guide Download file
Serial Command List Download file
Warranty information Download file
Screen sizeBrightnessCutsheet Download
12.3″300nit PA12H
13.9″300nit PA14H
16.3″300nit PA16H
19.4″700nit PA20H
20″700nit PA20H
27″700nit PA27H
28″700nit PA28H
37″700nit PA37H
48″800nit PA48H
49.46″700nit PA50H
85.6″500nit PA86H (EOL)
87.8″700nit PA88H (EOL)

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