LCD Video Walls

All of our LCD video walls share key characteristics, so that you’ll never have to compromise on the basics when choosing the right fit for your application. These features include 24/7/365 operability, some of the slimmest bezel widths available of any LCDs on the market (0.88mm to 3.5mm combined), and Full HD resolution. Lastly, we ensure that these high-grade electronics are put through rigorous quality control – our entire lineup of video walls are assembled and tested at our facility in Livermore, CA.

New Standard (NSV Series)

The New Standard video wall series is an ideal option for budget-conscious users who require reliability an a mission-critical environment. This series features a lightweight, sleek design with several digital video input options (HDMI, DVI and DisplayPort). Like all GPO Display LCD video wall displays, these displays are built for 24/7/365 operation. Ultra Narrow Bezel (3.5mm combined bezel gap) video wall displays are available in 49”, and 55” screen sizes. Auto-Condition Reporting (ACR) Lite, a basic version of our monitoring and diagnostics tool, is optional.

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Easy -4K (EK Series)

Easy-4K (EK) video wall displays support HDMI 2.0 daisy-chaining, making it easy to show 4K content on large arrays. As our flagship series, this line features our slimmest bezel options. Extreme Narrow Bezels (0.9mm on all sides, 1.8mm combined bezel gap) are available in 49″ and 55″ sizes. Razor Narrow Bezel (0.44mm on all sides, 0.88mm combined) video wall displays are available in 55″ screen sizes. Optional HD-SDI in/out and color temperature presets make this series ideal for security, broadcast and more.

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Sturdiglass (EK-SG Series)

The all-new Sturdiglass option for Easy-4K video wall displays improves screen durability without compromising viewing experience. GPO Display uses the latest in optical bonding technology to affix high-grade, durable protective glass to the LCD surface. This ensures a strong, long-term bond that won’t “bubble” or peel, even in the most demanding of applications.

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Self-monitoring (EN Series)

A self-monitoring video wall solution designed for the most demanding, mission-critical applications. These displays include our Auto-Condition Reporting (ACR) system.

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