Self-monitoring (EN Series)

Our Self-Monitoring Video Walls are designed for demanding, mission-critical applications. These displays include our Auto-Condition Reporting (ACR) monitoring system which provides immediate video wall diagnostics, which ensures maximum uptime for your video wall by improving planning in the rare event of a service issue.

With the most comprehensive diagnostic tool for displays in the industry, you can rest assured knowing that your video wall will perform to its potential over the years. Options ranging from Extreme Narrow Bezel (1.8mm combined bezel gap) to Ultra Narrow Bezel 3.5mm combined bezel gap) are available. Screen size options include 46″, 49″, and 55″.

Quick Preset

Make the most of your matrix switch; save on processing and reduce transition times with our optional Quick Preset commands.

Video Wall Control Software

When a third-party control system isn’t in the budget, our free control software will allow you to power on/off (manual or scheduled).


View content, not your reflection.

Auto Conditioning Report

A basic version of our self-monitoring and diagnostic system for displays.
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Auto-Fan Cooling System

Prevents internal electronics from overheating.

Bezel Width

Extreme Narrow Bezel at 1.8mm (combined), Ultra Narrow Bezels at 3.5mm (combined) and Narrow Bezels at 23mm (combined)


We offer this model in high brightness (700nit) and medium brightness (450-500nit).

Color Calibration

Before shipment, displays are thoroughly color calibrated to reduce on-site setup time. We can also come onsite to ensure color balance with a finished system.

Direct LED

Direct-LED back-light provides better uniformity than its edge-lit counterpart. LED back-lighting also provides lower power consumption.

Display Sizes

46″, 49″, 55″, and 75″ sizes are available.

Dual DVI Input

Not one but two daisy-chainable DVI inputs.

Full HD

1920×1080 Native

HDCP Compliant

HDCP-Compliant digital inputs.

Industrial Reliability

50,000+ Hours of Industrial

Landscape or Portrait Orientation

Set up your video wall the way you want.


Check out our proprietary mounts
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Compensate for bezels for a more natural, seamless appearance or avoid loss of data behind bezels – you get to toggle and choose.

Multi Vision

Expand sources over entire video wall arrays.

VESA Comparability

Fully compatible with third-party VESA mounts.


We offer the best-in-industry; with our 3 year standard advanced replacement warranty.

Item Detail
Panel Technology Commercial LED-LCD (Direct-lit) IPS or SPVA
Screen Size 46″ / 49″ / 55″
Resolution 1920×1080
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Brightness 500nit – 700nit
Response Time 8ms
Viewing Angle 178° / 178°
Combined Bezel Width 1.7mm / 1.8mm / 3.5mm
Industrial Reliability 50,000 / 60,000+ Hours
Inputs (2) DVI, (1) VGA, (1) RS232, (1) Audio
(1) LAN – ACR Monitoring Only
Outputs (2) DVI, (1) VGA, (1) RS232


The newly-designed H-Mount builds on GPO Display’s long line of proprietary video wall mounting solutions. This latest mount provides the same benefits of past designs (ease of installation & alignment, low risk of damage during installation) but with better access for individual displays during service. As with past GPO Display video wall mounts, side covers are included at no additional cost.

Full Service Mount

This Full-Service Video Wall Mount from Peerless-AV provides a front-serviceable alternative to GPO Display’s proprietary mounts. These mounts are an especially good fit for video wall arrays where displays are recessed in a wall pocket or are surrounded by custom trim/millwork. Wall plate spacers allow for quick installation, and “no-tool-required” fine-tune adjustments can be made on each axis. Side covers/trim are optional.

Floor Stand

Floor Stands can be used to create self-supporting video walls of infinite length. Optional locking rear doors are available for floor stand mounts and lend a clean, finished appearance to the wall from every angle. Floor Stands are built-to-order and can be customized upon request. Floor stands can include either wheels or anchors at the base.

Item Download
User Manual Download file
Serial Command List Download file
Warranty Warranty
Drawing_EN46MSU Download file
Drawing_EN46HSU Download file
Drawing_EN49MLU Download file
Drawing_EN49HLU Download file
Drawing_EN55MLU Download file
Drawing_EN55HLU Download file
Screen Size Combined Bezel Width Brightness Cutsheet Download
46″ 3.5mm 500nit EN46MSU
46″ 3.5mm 700nit EN46HSU
46″ 1.8mm 500nit EN46MSE
46″ 1.8mm 700nit EN46HSE
49″ 3.5mm 700nit EN49HLU
49″ 3.5mm 500nit EN49MLU
49″ 1.8mm 500nit EN49MLE
49″ 1.8mm 700nit EN49HLE
55″ 3.5mm 500nit EN55MLU
55″ 3.5mm 700nit EN55HLU
55″ 1.8mm 500nit EN55MLE
55″ 1.8mm 700nit EN55HLE

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