Sturdiglass (NEX-SG Series)

The Sturdiglass option for 55″ Extreme Narrow Bezel video wall displays improves screen durability without compromising viewing experience. GPO Display uses the latest in optical bonding technology to affix high-grade, durable protective glass to the LCD surface. This ensures a strong, long-term bond that won’t “bubble” or peel, even in the most demanding of applications.
Sturdiglass is ideal for displays placed in high-traffic, public settings where there is a high risk of impact. Touch video walls also benefit from Sturdiglass technology, with none of the internal reflection or parallax error that comes with installing separate pieces of protective glass in front of LCD panels. Optical bonding also prevents dust and moisture buildup associated with separate protective glass.

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Clarity Increase

When separate protective glass is used, there is a small gap between the LCD panel and protective glass. The gap and panel have different refractive indexes, causing the light to bend when it passes through them. This results in a loss in its intensity, affecting the screen’s readability.

Glare Reduction

When light from an external source passes through the panel and the gap, refraction causes some of it to be reflected back, creating glare on the screen. The increased light transmission of a screen with optical bonding significantly reduces glare from external light sources.

Durability Increase

The additional resin layer in optical bonding also provides increased physical durability to the screen. Eliminating the gap between the LCD module and the panel increases the screen’s resistance to scratches, dust, and fluids.

Condensation Elimination

In environments with wide temperature ranges, it is common for condensation to cause screens to become foggy from moisture that penetrates the air gap. A monitor with optical bonding fills the gap to prevent condensation from occurring for improved readability.

Video Wall Control Software

When a third-party control system isn’t in the budget, our free control software will allow you to power on/off (manual or scheduled).

Over Heating

Prevents internal electronics from overheating.

Bezel Width

Extreme Narrow Bezel at 1.7mm – 1.8mm (combined) and Ultra Narrow Bezels at 3.5mm (combined)

Color Calibration

Before shipment, displays are thoroughly color calibrated to reduce on-site setup time. We can also come onsite to ensure color balance with a finished system.

HDCP Compliant

HDCP-Compliant digital inputs.

Multi Vision Processing

Expand sources over entire video wall arrays.

Item Detail
Panel Technology Commercial-grade IPS/ Direct-LED backlight
Screen Size 55″
Resolution 1920×1080
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Brightness 500nit / 700nit
Response Time 8ms
Viewing Angle 178° / 178°
Combined Bezel Width 1.8mm
Industrial Reliability 60,000+ Hours
Inputs (3) HDMI, (2) DisplayPort, (1) Ethernet, (1) RS-232
Outputs (1) DisplayPort, (1) RS-232, Audo (One 3.5mm jack)


The newly-designed H-Mount builds on GPO Display’s long line of proprietary video wall mounting solutions. This latest mount provides the same benefits of past designs (ease of installation & alignment, low risk of damage during installation) but with better access for individual displays during service. As with past GPO Display video wall mounts, side covers are included at no additional cost.

Full Service Mount

This Full-Service Video Wall Mount from Peerless-AV provides a front-serviceable alternative to GPO Display’s proprietary mounts. These mounts are an especially good fit for video wall arrays where displays are recessed in a wall pocket or are surrounded by custom trim/millwork. Wall plate spacers allow for quick installation, and “no-tool-required” fine-tune adjustments can be made on each axis. Side covers/trim are optional.

Floor Stand

Floor Stands can be used to create self-supporting video walls of infinite length. Optional locking rear doors are available for floor stand mounts and lend a clean, finished appearance to the wall from every angle. Floor Stands are built-to-order and can be customized upon request. Floor stands can include either wheels or anchors at the base.

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55″ 1.8mm 500nit NEX55MLE-SG

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