Easy-4K (EK Series)

Easy-4K (EK-series) video wall displays make showing 4K content on video walls simple. All you need is a 4K source and an HDMI 2.0 cable. With HDCP 2.2 support and daisy-chaining up to 3×3 arrays, Easy-4K displays are the best way to bring 4K content across video walls- period. Daisy-chainable HD-SDI inputs are optional for all Easy-4K models, with daisy-chain support up to 5×5 arrays. All models also feature several color temperature presets, each of which can be color calibrated independently, making Easy-4K displays ideal for broadcast applications. 

All displays are 24/7 rated, TAA-compliant & secure-ready (no RF/NFC, WiFi, or embedded computing).

Easy-4k 2x2 video wall with a cat image
Razor narrow bezel (0.88mm-3.7mm)

Extreme and Razor Narrow Bezels

Easy-4K displays feature Extreme Narrow Bezel (ENB – 1.8mm combined bezel gap) and Razor Narrow Bezel (RNB – 0.88mm combined bezel gap) options.  LCD video walls have never been more seamless.

Easy-4K Daisy-chaining

Expanding 4K/Ultra-HD content across large video wall arrays is made simple via support of HDMI 2.0 daisy-chaining. 4K content can be shown on video wall arrays of up to ten displays using a single HDMI cable without signal amplification, making stunning 4K video walls possible without the added cost of video wall processors or multi-output computers. Full-HD (1920×1080) content can be carried through up to 25 displays without signal amplification. With distribution amplifiers in place, arrays of up to 256 displays are possible.

HDMI to 4k
Anti-glare treatment on a display

Anti-Glare Coating and Surface Treatment

Like all GPO Display video wall models, Easy-4K displays feature substantial Anti-Glare coating. This allows content to shine through in virtually any indoor application. Hard-coating surface treatment lends durability to displays that may be placed in high-traffic, public settings.

HD-SDI In/Out – Option

Easy-4K displays bring users expanded connectivity in the form of a daisy-chainable HD-SDI input. Broadcast engineers have long known the benefits of HD-SDI over HDMI, such as significantly longer run distance (~300m), instantaneous switching, locking connectors, and signal reliability. These displays’ HD-SDI daisy-chain capability also eliminates the need for conversion, which can increase cost and serve as an additional point of failure.


Auto-Aligning Mounts

The newly-designed H-Mount build on GPO Display’s long line of proprietary video wall mounting solutions. This latest mount provides the same benefits of past designs (ease of installation & alignment, low risk of damage during installation) but with better access for individual displays during service. As with past GPO Display video wall mounts, side covers are included at no additional cost.

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