GPO US, Inc. (d/b/a GPO Display) a California Corporation, having its principal place of business at 7668 Las Positas Rd. Livermore, CA 94551, USA (“GPO Display”, or “we” or ”us”) warrants all models of LCDs & its accessories (the “products”) as follows:

1. Basic Limited Warranty

Under the Basic Limited Warranty program (herein referred to as the “Limited Warranty”), we warrant that the products sold hereunder will be free from defects in material and workmanship. Warranty coverage shall be offered as listed in individual product specifications for a period of time as follows: all products under this warranty will be covered under a Limited Warranty of One (1), Two (2), or Three (3) Years from the date of purchase. The length of this warranty may also be determined based upon the type of use and length of use, and will be disclosed at the time of purchase. If products purchased do not conform to this Limited Warranty during the warranty period (as herein specified), you must notify GPO Display of the claimed defects in writing and demonstrate to GPO Display’s satisfaction that said defects are covered by this Limited Warranty. If the defects are properly reported to us within the warranty period, and said defects are of such type and nature as to be covered by this warranty, we shall, at our option, furnish replacement of the defective product or repair with replacement parts for the defective product. If GPO Display cannot repair the defective product, and a replacement is shipped to you, this warranty will carry over for the remainder of time associated with the original product purchased or ninety (90) days, whichever is greater.

Warranty coverage shall not be extended unless Customer purchases an additional Extended Warranty at the initial time of purchase. Extended warranties of up to two additional years are available for purchase. Extended warranties offer the same warranty coverage as the standard limited warranty for the extended term. Installation of the replacement parts shall be at the customer’s expense for all products under warranty. Only shipping charges from GPO Display to Customer are covered by this warranty. Detailed instruction for returning defective products can be found at, or by contacting GPO Display’s Support Team. All exchanged parts and products that have been replaced for the warranty service will become the property of GPO Display. All defective parts must be returned to GPO Display within two weeks of receipt of replacement parts at customer’s expense.

2. Limitations

The abovementioned is in lieu of all other warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchant ability and fitness for a particular purpose. We do not warrant against damages or defects arising out of improper or abnormal use, mishandling of the products, or against defects or damages arising from improper installation (in cases where installation is by persons other than GPO Display or persons authorized by GPO Display), against defects in products or components not manufactured by GPO Display, or against damages resulting from such products or components not made by GPO Display. Upon customer request, a GPO Display representative will evaluate installation plans in order to determine whether such plans fall within the scope of warrantable installations.

We pass on to you the warranty or warranties we receive (if any) from the maker(s) of such non-GPO Display made products or components. This warranty also does not apply to products upon which repairs have been affected or attempted by persons other than those having a written authorization by GPO Display. Physical and cosmetic damage is not covered under this warranty. Image Retention resulting from the prolonged display of static imagery is not covered under this warranty. Backlight leakage, uniformity issues and shortened lifespan are not covered under this warranty. Damages or defects arising from Acts of Nature will not be covered under this warranty. This Limited Warranty excludes coverage for LCD panels, except in specific video wall installations as determined beforehand by GPO Display.

In the case that a unit is defective or dead (as determined by a GPO Display service representative) and said unit is determined to be in need of shipping back to GPO Display, the customer is responsible for paying the shipping costs associated with returning the defective unit to GPO Display. All costs associated with shipping units to and from GPO Display which are no longer under warranty are customer’s responsibility.

3. Exclusive Obligation

This warranty is exclusive. Our sole and exclusive obligation shall be to repair or replace the defective products in the manner and for the period provided above. We shall not have any other obligation with respect to the products or any part thereof, whether based on contract, tort, strict liability or otherwise. Under no circumstances, whether based on this Limited Warranty or otherwise, shall GPO Display be liable for incidental, special or consequential damages.

These include, but are not limited to: damage to panels, damages incurred during installation, damages to housing for our products, electrical damages to installation sites or structures containing our products or any personal or bodily injury resulting from the installation, use or misuse of our products.

4. Other Statements

Our employees or representatives’ oral or other written statements DO NOT CONSTITUTE warranties, and shall not be relied upon by buyers. Such statements do not qualify as part of the contract for sale or this Limited Warranty.

5. Entry Obligation

This Limited Warranty states our entire obligation with respect to our products. If any part of this Limited Warranty is determined to be void or illegal, the remainder shall remain in full force and effect.

6. Technical Service

Under this warranty, we will offer technical assistance as needed via telephone. In special cases where units cannot be returned to us for repair, a GPO Display representative or an authorized service agent will come to the customer in order to conduct repairs. The customer shall cover all costs associated with travel, such as airfare, gas, meals and lodging. Travel time may be charged based on destination and time required for travel. At most, 3 hours of travel time may be charged as GPO Display determines fit. All other products will only be repaired if shipped to us, or to an authorized service dealer. In the event of an on-site repair, the defective unit shall be ready in a clean and accessible location (taken down from installation ready for repair) before the GPO Display repair technician arrives. It is the customer’s responsibility, at the customer’s cost, to remove all products from installation prior to a technician arriving on-site. It is the customer’s responsibility, at the customer’s cost, to re-install the repaired products to the original position after the repair. If a unit is unavailable at specified time, the technician will begin charges according to the On-Site Repair Charge Rate in the Service Fees Table.

7. Service Fees

Please contact GPO Display for the Service Fees Table for information on repairs, onsite service and other information. The table outlines charges associated with all repairs, whether covered under this limited warranty, an extended warranty, or if no longer covered under any warranty.

8. Return & Replacement Guidelines

a) Contact GPO Display Technical Support via email or phone.

b) In email, or over the phone, provide the model number, product serial number, description of the problem, along with the purchase date and attempted troubleshooting steps already taken.

c) Assistance for troubleshooting is provided 24/7 –if we are unable to resolve the issue during the initial call or email, an RMA number (return material authorization) will be issued.

d) Customer must use freight companies to return RMA units to GPO Display and the RMA number must be noted on the shipment.

e) GPO Display will evaluate the display after receipt and conduct repairs or replacement as needed. In some cases, a field-replaceable part will be sent to the customer prior to the return of the RMA unit to GPO Display.

f) When the replacement part or full display is received by the customer, the customer must note any damage to packaging and contents and immediately report this to both the carrier and GPO Display.

g) We encourage customers to inspect the packaging and materials for shipping damage upon receipt of the replacement video wall display. If any damage is noted, report them to GPO Display, and the carrier.

9. Warranty Exclusions

Our Basic Limited Warranty does not cover or is limited by the following:

a) Displays not procured through GPO Display or an authorized GPO Display dealer.

b) Displays with serial numbers that have been removed, altered or vandalized.

c) Labor and travel expenses for repairs or adjustments made to display settings, installation servicing, or other labor costs incurred by the customer in the event of a product failure.

d) Display Panel Damage for any of the following reasons:

    • 1. Accident, abuse, misuse, neglect, improver ventilation, fire, water, disaster, or any other acts of nature, smoke exposure (cigarette or otherwise), unauthorized product modification (including use of an unauthorized mount), or failure to follow instructions supplied with the product.
    • 2. Labor associated with repair, or attempted repair, by anyone other than GPO Display.
    • 3. Damage caused due to product shipping.
    • 4. Damage caused due to improper installation or removal of the product.
    • 5. Damage caused by external sources (electrical or otherwise).
    • 6. Customer-caused defects
    • 7. Any cause which does not relate to a product defect via materials used, product assembly, Product electronics, product integrity, or product craftsmanship.

e) Cost of labor for on-site removal, installation, set-up, or other labor services.

f) Any panel discoloration or image retention resulting from “burn-in” (extended display of static images)

g) Backlight leakage resulting from a compromised bond between the panel surface and bezel

h) Dead pixel or dot defect issues are only covered in the event that three consecutive dead or discolored cells OR ten total dead cells are found on the LCD panel. Panels exhibiting less than ten nonadjacent dead/discolored cells and/or less than three adjacent dead/discolored cells are considered to be within spec.

10. Additional Warranty Notes and Policies

a) Customers must reference an RMA number provided by GPO Display on packaging when returning products. Products returned without an RMA number will not be accepted.

b) If a returned product or part is physically damaged, GPO Display reserves the right to charge the customer for the current full cost of the product or part in addition to a $250 fee for in-house labor associated with testing and evaluation.

c) Displays must be returned to GPO Display upright and banded to a pallet. Damage resulting from improper packaging is subject to the terms set forth in the aforementioned section 11-b.

d) Replacement products are covered under the remaining term of the original product’s warranty or for ninety (90) days, whichever is longer.