OLED Displays

OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) display technology drives GPO Display’s most recent additions to our lineup. Because each pixel generates its own light, OLED can provide true blacks and near-infinite contrast. This, along with superior color reproduction, slimmer profile and lighter weight, make OLED an attractive technology for a wide range of applications. OLED panel technology also allows for unique features such as curvature (See OLED video walls) and transparency (See Transparent OLED). While OLED is not suitable for every display application (e.g. rated for 18/7 max. usage), it is a powerful technology that unlocks new possibilities in digital signage.

Transparent OLED Displays

Our new Transparent OLEDs (T-OLEDs) allow viewers to see stunning, vivid content as well as objects and scenes positioned behind the display. With 2mm thick protective glass on either side of a transparent OLED panel, this display can stand upright, hang from a ceiling mount, and can even be placed in video wall configurations. Unlike previous transparent display technologies, the T-OLED requires no projectors or additional backlighting, allowing for maximum flexibility in screen placement.

Transparent oled (TOLED) in front of a suit retail display
Curved OLED Video wall with rainbow flower image.

OLED Video Wall

OLED video walls are the newest addition to GPO Display’s lineup. This new series consists of both a 55” curvable display and a 65” 4K display. The 55” curvable model (OL55NLU) features a flexbile panel that can wrap around columns, create “donut” video walls, as well as “wavy” video walls hanging from ceilings and walls alike. What the 65” 4K model (OL65KLU) lacks in flexibility, it makes up for in size and resolution, adding stunning realism to OLED technology’s existing strengths. Both can be used to create video walls of endless size. Both feature infinite contrast for “true” blacks and real color reproduction. No other video wall technology can match the impact of OLED.

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