High-Bright LCD’s

(Openframe and Housed Options)

GPO Display’s Ultra-High Brightness LCDs boast brightness ratings up to 3,000nit- ideal for environments with high ambient lighting such as storefront windows.

Our ON-series high-bright openframe LCDs feature only a commercial-grade LED-LCD panel and drive electronics (no housing).  They are perfect for integration into third-party enclosures such as kiosks, wall fixtures and columns.  Our GN-series high-bright indoor LCD’s feature the same sleek unbranded black metal housing as our DK-series UHD/4K monitors.

All displays are 24/7 rated, TAA-compliant & secure-ready (no RF/NFC, WiFi, or embedded computing).

ultra high brightness display (angled and open frame with an image of a skier)


ultra high bright displays outside at a train station

Mass Transit

High-bright openframe LCDs are perfect for bus stations and other mass transit facilities requiring digital signage. With brightness options ranging from 1000-5000nit, any ON-series displays will stand up to the indirect sunlight of a train station or bus terminal, allowing passengers to more clearly see schedule updates, advertising, and emergency alerts. We work with a wide range of outdoor enclosure manufacturers to meet the demands of high-traffic outdoor applications. So whether you need vandal-resistance, custom branding, or specific enclosure manufacturer, GPO Display will help you find the best fit for your application.


Airports’ digital signage needs range from the display of arrival and departure lists to advertising for local businesses. Most of this digital signage runs 24/7/365. To ensure uninterrupted playback, GPO Display’s larger high-bright openframe LCDs (46” and above) feature redundant power supplies. In the event of a power board failure, the backup power supply immediately kicks into effect, eliminating downtime. This safeguard, combined with GPO Display’s rigorous testing and QA, combine to make the most dependable high-brightness LCD possible.

Ultra high bright display at an airport with lots of light.

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