Video Wall Bundles

Everything you need to create and maintain a stunning yet cost effective video wall.

2×2 and 3×3 Video Wall Bundles

What’s included (more information below):

  • NEX Displays
  • Cables
  • H-mounts
  • Side Covers (Trim)
  • SpyderX Pro Hardware + Wall Calibrator Software

All NEX displays are 24/7 rated, TAA-compliant & secure-ready (no RF/NFC, WiFi, or embedded computing).

Clarify Health 3x3 Corporate Video Wall
Three by three LCD video wall with an image of a rolling hills, a 8:45am timestamp and an extron quantum ultra certified icon.

Next-Gen (NEX-Series) Displays

Next-Gen (NEX-series) video wall displays are product of GPO Display’s decade-long project to develop the most reliable, visually-stunning LCD video wall solution possible. It’s never been easier or more affordable to create large video wall displays with virtually invisible bezels and support for 4K video. Like all GPO Display LCD video wall solutions before it, the NEX-series is assembled-to-order, thoroughly & precisely color-calibrated, and subjected to rigorous quality control processes.


All the necessary cabling for 4K video & control signal daisy-chaining (DisplayPort & RS-232) is included.

NEX-series displays feature five 4K-capable inputs. All three HDMI 2.0 inputs and both DisplayPort 1.4a inputs are HDCP 2.2 compliant. Each input can receive up to a 3840 x 2160/60Hz signal throughout the array without the need for signal distribution or amplification.

DisplayPort & RS-232 for video wall bundles

Color Calibration

SpyderX Pro: This color calibration tool is the ideal mix of effectiveness and affordability. The SpyderX Pro allows users to quickly gather measurements including brightness & color readings, followed by a quick, easy calibration process using GPO Display’s Wall Calibrator AutoCALI software. NOTE: Windows PC with USB port and HDMI or DP output capable of 1920×1080/60Hz + RGB 4:4:4 is required for best results.

Wall Calibrator (AutoCALI) Software: Designed for use with the Datacolor SpyderX Pro, this software is a user-friendly tool for matching video wall displays’ brightness and color. While GPO Display conducts calibration prior to shipment, further touch-up can be necessary when additional cabling and headend equipment is put in place. This software makes it easy to quickly measure multi-point color coordinates & luminance, and easily translate those into array target values. The rest of the calibration process is as easy as holding your SpyderX Pro up to calibration points on the displays and a simple click of the mouse.

Auto-Aligning H-Mount & Side Covers

This bundle includes four H-Mounts and four side covers for a complete, attractive mounting solution.

GPO Display’s exclusive H-Mount video wall mounting system ensures quick, easy installation with virtually automatic alignment. 2×2 mounting grids can even be assembled on the floor prior to being placed on the wall. Most importantly, H-Mounts prevent shifts in alignment over time — an issue commonly associated with front-accessible mounting solutions.

H-mount and side cover

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