Specialty Displays

two panoramic stretch specialty display

Panoramic Display

Our panoramic displays offer a unique approach to digital signage. These displays will fit into spaces which 16:9 aspect ratio displays will not, creating a dynamic eye-catching experience. Optional custom bezels allow for an even better fit to specific interior design schemes.

Ultra Slim Profile Displays

USP (Ultra-Slim Profile) displays feature a mounted depth of under 1”. This sleek design, combined with their light weight and commercial reliability, makes USP displays ideal for a wide range of signage applications. Custom framing options are available to ensure that your digital signage is both eye-catching and in keeping with the theme of your space. Available in both 26.5” square and 49” Full-HD (16:9 aspect ratio), USP displays represent the cutting edge in digital signage displays.

Ultra slim profile display from the side
InteractTable specialty displays


Displays stimulate one key sense: vision. Not only do InteracTables expand your visual experience with a sense of touch, they invite you to do so by nature of its design. With limitless customization capabilities and high quality components, GPO Display offers an answer for virtually any application.

High-Bright Openframe

GPO Display’s Ultra-High Brightness Openframe LCDs boast brightness ratings up to 5,000nit- ideal for environments with high ambient lighting such as storefront windows. As Openframe LCDs feature only a commercial-grade LED-LCD panel and drive electronics (no housing), they are perfect for integration into third-party enclosures such as kiosks, wall fixtures and columns.

ultra high bright display with a skier
table bundle with a 2x2 with floor mounts, a interact table and software

Table Bundle

Bring “wow” factor to your lobby, showroom or museum with our Table bundles. These bundles are perfect for an affordable, multi-screen experience. All-inclusive bundle packages allow users to swipe images, video, and web pages from InteracTable surfaces up to single displays or video wall. This allows to reach larger audiences in presentation environments, lobbies & computing and software needed to hot the ground running.

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