LCD Video Wall

NEX-Series Video Wall Displays

Next-Gen (NEX-series) LCD video wall displays are product of GPO Display’s decade-long project to develop the most reliable, visually-stunning LCD video wall solution possible. It’s never been easier or more affordable to create large video wall displays with virtually invisible bezels and support for 4K video. Like all GPO Display LCD video wall solutions before it, the NEX-series is assembled-to-order, thoroughly & precisely color-calibrated, and subjected to rigorous quality control processes.

All displays are 24/7 rated, TAA-compliant & secure-ready (no RF/NFC, WiFi, or embedded computing).

*49″ & 55″ NEX-Displays are Extron Quantum Ultra Certified*

A three-by-three GPO display NEX-series video wall is shown with an image of the sea with coral and fish. It also has an "extra quantum ultra certifies" sticker in the bottom left hand corner.

Extended daisy-chaining of 4K/30Hz video signals in arraysup to 5 wide x 5 high & 4K/60Hz in 3 wide x 3 high arrays

Panel sync solution

LCD video wall panels can be slightly out of sync with one another regardless of source devices, signal distribution, and processing equipment. GPO Display’s special approach to backend electronics eliminates this issue, ensuring a smooth, seamless appearance for fast-motion video.

quick presets image

Quick presets that allow you to recall source layouts with a single serial command.

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