Virtual Skylight

The DN46HE virtual skylight is the only plenum-rated commercial LCD on the market specifically designed for use in drop tile ceilings. This display fits perfectly into the space occupied by two standard ceiling tiles (U.S.) and can be used to bring natural elements into the otherwise sterile office environments. This display’s design minimizes cabling runs in the ceiling with a special shielded pocket and electrical outlet for media players. Support for 4K daisy-chaining makes stunning multi-display arrays of virtual skylights possible.

Cut Sheets


Designed for use in drop-ceilings and does not require any additional plenum-rated boxes or enclosures.


Fits perfectly in drop tile ceilings.

4K Daisy-Chain

Tiled virtual skylights with 4K content can be supported using a single media player.

Media Player Integration

Rear cover features shielded pocket with AC inlets for media players.

Overheat Prevention

Warning messages appear, followed by powering off if overheating is detected.

Customizable Housing

Custom colors & logos on bezel available.

Item Detail
Panel Technology Commercial-grade Direct-LED Backlight
Screen Size 46″
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Viewing Angle 178°(min) / 178°(min)
Brightness 700nit
Industrial Reliability 50,000+ Hours
Inputs (1) DP, (1) HDMI, (1) RS-232,
(1) Ethernet RJ45 (Control Only)
Output (1) HDMI, (1) RS-232
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46″ Plenum-Safe Design 700nit DN46HE New*

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