Commercial Displays

Whether you need digital signage displays or touch screens for a secure environment, our commercial displays are built for dependability, 24/7. We offer both PCAP and IR touch screens ranging from 21-98” and “standalone” 4K monitors ranging from 32-98”. All displays feature unbranded, black metal housing that is both sturdy and attractive. Custom colors, finishes and logos can be accommodated upon request. Like all of our other products, our commercial displays are proudly assembled to order in Northern California with strict quality control standards.

None of our DK or TS-series commercial displays feature built-in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or RF. This makes them ideal for secure applications. As commercial displays increasingly incorporate “Smart TV” functions, our displays provide you with only the highest-quality drive electronics necessary to run a touch screen or 4K commercial display.

4K / Ultra HD Monitor

Our 4k/Ultra HD monitors offer four times the resolution of Full HD for unparalleled clarity. With screen sizes ranging from 32-98”, there’s an option for almost any application. As with all of our Commercial LCDs, customizable housing allows these displays to fit into existing interior design seamlessly.

4k/ ultra HD commercial monitor with a coffee cup
GPO display Touch screen displays

Touch Screens

GPO Display offers a comprehensive selection of touch screens, from small, semi-openframe PCAP models to a 98” 4K model with 12pt IR touch. With durable, tempered glass, these displays are ideal for high-traffic, public applications. Semi-openframe models feature simplified rear housing for easier integration into third-party enclosures and fixtures. All other models feature full, customizable metal housing (rear cover/front bezel).

Virtual Skylight

This plenum-rated ceiling display provides a virtual window to the natural world, even in large, windowless offices.

Virtual skylight commercial display

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