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Video Wall Player

Video Wall Player

This device will enable you to take full advantage of your video walls by enabling customizable and unique screen layouts. Our player removes your video walls limits of showing rectangular content, and provides more alluring content layout designs. You can also manage content updates and scheduling remotely, assign content to multiples zones with intuitive content management software, and configure your screens into a large contiguous display or into content spread over several areas.

Signage Player

Our Signage Players feature silent, fanless operation along with powerful server software. This allows for network updating of large, multi-screen deployments via single, or multiple operators. These players also support up to 4K (3840×2160) content, and are the perfect complement to all of our displays.

Signage Player Hardware
SpyderX Pro Datacolor hardware with the item and the box right next to it

SpyderX Pro for Color Calibration

This color calibration tool is the ideal mix of effectiveness and affordability. The SpyderX Pro allows users to quickly gather measurements including brightness & color readings, followed by a quick, easy calibration process using GPO Display’s Wall Calibrator AutoCALI software. NOTE: Windows PC with USB port and HDMI or DP output capable of 1920×1080/60Hz + RGB 4:4:4 is required for best results.

ACR Hub Lite

This basic version of the ACR Hub provides basic display status readouts for New-Standard (NSV) series video wall displays. While the status readouts are not as detailed as the full version of ACR, this device can still prove helpful in troubleshooting situations. The ACR Hub Lite also serves as an IR extender, allowing for communication with video wall displays via remote controller.

ACR hub lite
ACR hub


This device is the key central component of the Auto-Condition Reporting (ACR) monitoring & diagnostics system for Self-Monitoring (EN) series* video wall displays. Seated in the RS-232 control path, the ACR Hub greatly simplifies display monitoring by serving as a central point for network connection as well as real-time status readouts via LED indicators & LCD monitor on the ACR Hub itself. The ACR Hub can also function as an IR extender, allowing for communication with video wall displays via remote controller.

4k video adapter

4K View Adapter (Legacy Product)

This device accepts a dual-link DVI signal and distributes it over four single-link DVI outputs, allowing users to display 4k content over 2×2 and 4×4 video walls with no additional equipment necessary. Featuring mullion compensation (edge adjustment) and a sleek, slim design; the 4K View Adapter allows you to turn ordinary video walls into extraordinary 4k canvases.

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