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GPO Display embodies our motto “visual solutions created for you”, by providing video display solutions for all industries and applications. Whether you’re setting up a large command & control room or a single piece of digital signage, GPO Display offers a wide array of display solutions to meet your needs. From video walls to 4K commercial LCD monitors, interactive kiosks and Transparent OLEDs, we believe that the only limit to our capabilities is your imagination.

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GPO Display

Our mission is simple, to combine excellence in display technology with personal, responsive service & support to create cutting-edge visual solutions that aren’t just seen, but experienced. That’s it.

The “GPO Difference” is evident from the moment a project is conceived. We aid in preliminary design, advise customers on peripheral & headend devices, and offer pre-installation consult calls to ensure smooth implementation. After assembly at our facility in the San Francisco Bay Area, our displays undergo rigorous quality assurance and testing, followed by color calibration to ensure color and brightness uniformity across video wall arrays. We also offer on-site installation assistance and final commissioning services. In short, GPO Display has unmatched attention to quality from start to finish.

In addition to our emphasis on quality and service, GPO Display’s R&D team brings another dimension to the GPO Difference: innovation. We design & manufacture our own electronics as well as our own video wall mounts, which make for quick & easy installation as well as perfect maintenance of alignment in the long-term. Our R&D capabilities have also led to innovations in display diagnostics & monitor, with our patented Auto-Condition Reporting (ACR) tool and Replaceable Electronics Kit.

These innovations don’t stop with video wall displays, either. We’ve recently developed the only plenum-rated commercial-grade ceiling display for use as a digital skylight. GPO Display will continue to revolutionize display technology in the years to come while maintaining our focus on quality and service. We invite you to experience the GPO Difference.


Developed a new line of Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Panoramic Displays.

Developed a color calibration kit to aid in field adjustments to color uniformity for video walls. 

Received the Extron Quantum® Ultra Certification for 49″ and 55″ NEX-series displays. 

Maintained relatively short lead times in the face of global supply chain interruptions

Moved to larger facility to increase production capabilities and to increase capacity for component inventory.

Increased focus on high-security environments, all displays in standard lineup become “Secure-Ready” in addition to being TAA-compliant.

Developed and released line of Transparent OLED (T-OLED) displays

Improved Panoramic LCD lineup by including mounts and trim with most models, increasing functionality

Developed solution for sub-1mm tiled gap (Razor Narrow Bezel) LCD video wall displays

Debut of 65″ native-4k-per-panel Ultra Narrow Bezel LCD video wall display

Developed interactive table (InteracTable) with motorized angle adjustment

Developed OLED video wall solution

Developed plenum-rated, downward-facing ceiling display (Virtual Skylight)

Upgraded video wall mounting solutions with “H-Mount” generation of mounts

Awarded patents for:

– Replacable Electronics Kit for commercial LCDs
– Diagnostic LED indicators (ACR) on commercial LCDs
– Automatic Switching Dual video
– Removable Fuse for commercial LCDs

Developed plenum-rated commercial LCD


Developed 4K video wall series (Easy-4K) which allows for 3840×2160 daisy-chaining via HDMI 2.0.

Developed the Z-Shift Mount (ZLM) with Triple-Tier Channel system.

Began roll out of Extreme Narrow Bezel (1.8mm combined) video wall options.

Began roll out of TechnoMirror options (Mirror Displays in Kiosk and Wall mounted configurations).

With years of experience as an OEM backed by a strong research and development team and ever expanding product catalog, GPO US evolved into GPO Display to reflect our capabilities as a visual solutions provider.

Developed ultra-narrow (3.5mm combined bezel width) video wall solution along with an accompanying “bezel-safe” mount (shift-lock mount).

Broadened specialties lineup to include: panoramic displays, transparent displays, InteracTables and 4K display solutions (developed by R&D).

Operation facilities expanded.

Expanded product range from video wall solutions to include kiosks, e-whiteboards, and large panel displays. Customization of product housing and design began to take place.

Patented display diagnostic hardware and software along with the development of a removable back-end electronics kit for video walls.

GPO US established to provide service and video wall solutions to the United States market. Partnerships in the United States led to original design manufacturer relationships with fortune 100 companies across the Americas.

Our Innovations

We take pride in our customer service and products, but also in our ability to hatch creative solutions for everyday AV problems. Below are a few of our conceived ideas developed into unique applications by our R&D team.

the innovation of the h-mount
Looking for a better way to mount your video wall?

A mount for every application

Auto-condition reporting
Want to monitor your displays health in real-time?

Experience Auto-Condition Reporting

A replaceable controller kit
Need easy access to video wall electronics?

See our replaceable electronics kit

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