Perma Kiosk

Featuring a portrait-oriented screen and secure, anchored housing, Perma design allows you to install a kiosk virtually anywhere. The front-swinging door means a Perma kiosk can be placed with its rear against a wall or column without concern for future service access.

Available in 46” and 55” screen sizes. Touch, Built-in PC, and “All-in-One” versions are optional.

10pt Touch (Optional)

Features 10 simultaneous touch points.


View content, not your reflection.

Auto-Condition Reporting (ACR)

A self-monitoring and diagnostic system for displays. Learn More

Auto-Fan Cooling System

Prevents internal electronics from overheating.


Our models range from 450nit to 700nit brightness.

Built-in PC (Optional)

Industrial-grade embedded PC.

Custom Design

We can: customize housing design (graphics), personalize colors down to hex codes, and add your companies logos.

Custom Hosting

Custom heights, cabinetry and other modifications are available.

Display Sizes

Available in sizes ranging from 46″ to 55″.

Full HD

1920×1080 Native Resolution.

Industrial Reliability

50,000+ Hours of Industrial Reliability.

Made to Order

Height, screen angle, and housing design can all tailored to your preferences.

Sturdy Metal

Strong metal housing with optional anchor positions.

Perma-Kiosk Specs

Item Detail
Panel Technology Commercial LED-LCD (Edge-lit) SPVA
Screen Size 46″ / 55″
Resolution 1920×1080
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Brightness 450nit / 700nit
Industrial Reliability 50,000+ Hours
Input (1) HDMI, (1) VGA, (1) DVI, (1) DisplayPort, (1) Component,
(1) Composite, (1) RS232C, (1) LAN – for ACR monitoring
ACR System Enabled

Item Download
User Manual Download file
Serial Command List Download file
Warranty Warranty
Item Screen Size Download
Perma Kiosk 32″ / 42″ / 46″ / 55″ / 65″ P-Series

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