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Lima – Presentation Software

Lima is the perfect complement to any touch screen and is a particularly great fit for the InteracTable. Lima allows you to quickly organize a wide range of file types (images, videos, web shortcuts, etc.) and resize them, annotate on them, or swipe them from your main surface to an extended desktop (a GPO video wall, perhaps). Lima is a powerful presentation tool but is also a great complement to retail settings, lobbies, museums and other public spaces.

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Pull Content From

  • USB, Folders, Network, Dropbox


  • .doc / .xls / .ppt / .pdf
  • .jpg / .png
  • .wmv / .mov / .avi
  • .svg
Lima in Action (Video)
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Mento-Pen – Interactive Whiteboard Software

This annotation software has everything you need to present, educate, and annotate without navigating through a complicated user interface. Draw, highlight, type and save notes during lectures or presentations for review and playback later. Mento-Pen allows you to bring in lesson plans, e-books, images, videos and web browsers with ease. This software is included with all GPO Display Interactive Whiteboards

User Guide

SICP – Video Wall Controller Software

Control and configure your video wall array with ease with this simple and free serial command software.

SV-Series Serial Commands
EN-Series Serial Commands
NSV-Series Serial Commands

SV-Series SICP Manual
EN-Series SICP Manual

Quick Preset Serial Command List: SV, EN, ED
Quick Preset Serial Command List: NSV, Zen, G2T