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Visual solutions created for you

GPO Display embodies our motto “visual solutions created for you”, by providing commercial-grade LCD and OLEDs for a wide range of industries and applications. Whether you’re setting up a large command & control room or simple digital signage, we have the display solution to meet your needs. From video walls to customizable interactive kiosks, we believe that the only limit to our capabilities is your imagination.

Our Featured Products


While static signage can be used effectively in storefronts and digital signage can use vibrant video content to draw users’ attention, T-OLEDs combine the best of both worlds.


It’s never been easier or more affordable to create large video wall displays with virtually invisible bezels and support for 4K video.


Our stretch displays offer a unique approach to digital signage & will fit into spaces which 16:9 aspect ratio displays will not, creating a dynamic eye-catching experience.

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