Three GPO Display Updates:

GPO has a few updates for you. One of them has already been put in place, while two are coming soon.

1. COMING SOON: Power Over Ethernet Panoramic Displays

No AC outlet? No problem!

A new line of PoE Panoramic LCDs up to 50” (diag.) will allow users to use their structured cabling instead.

Shipping Q3 ‘23

A hallway with three black doors. The first two doors have panoramic stretch displays above them and in the back wall there is a final panoramic display on the wall.

2. COMING SOON: Color Calibration Kit

Field color adjustment just got a lot easier. Our new color calibration software for NEX-series video wall displays uses Datacolor’s SpyderX analyzers and makes it a breeze.

Contact us now for more info.

3. GPO Display Develops a Solution for Panel Syncing Issue

LCD video wall panels are sometimes slightly out-of-sync with one another, which can give the appearance of image tearing between screens. This issue is especially noticeable when fast-motion video is displayed. It occurs at the panel level regardless of source devices, signal distribution, and processing.

Synchronization problems stemming from video signal daisy-chaining have been addressed by display manufacturers in the past. But this different, lesser-known issue which emanates from differences in panel frame rate conversion can similarly disrupt the “seamless” appearance of a video wall regardless of how slim its bezels are. GPO Display’s special approach prevents this panel sync issue, lending a smooth, unified appearance to fast-motion video. Between this, our sub-1mm combined bezel options, and our H-Mounts’ ability to maintain perfect display alignment, GPO Display is unparalleled in our ability to provide a truly unified & seamless effect in an LCD video wall.

Panel sync solution