Table Bundles

Bring “wow” factor to your lobby, showroom or museum with our Table bundles. Our bundles are perfect for an affordable, multi-screen experience. All-inclusive bundle packages allow users to swipe images, video, and web pages from InteracTable surfaces up to single displays or video wall. This allows to reach larger audiences in presentation environments, lobbies & computing and software needed to hit the ground running.

The “Anywhere” Bundle

55″ Flo-Thru/Free-Standing, 55″ 2×2 Video Wall

√ 55″ 2×2 video wall in floor stands
√ Locking rear doors on mounts
√ Sleek Flo-Thru table design
√ No walls needed

The “Impact” Bundle

46″ Pedestal, Wall-Mounted 49″ 3×3 Video Wall

√ 49″ 3×3 array (displays & mounts)
√ Side covers included with mounts
√ Customizable Pedestal Table design

The “Huddle” Bundle

42″ Lobby InteracTable, 75″ 4K Monitor

√ Most affordable bundle option
√ Wall Mount for 75K″ 4K monitor included
√ Ideal for small meeting spaces/breakout room, lobbies, and waiting rooms

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