LCD / OLED Video Walls

GPO Display offers two distinct video wall technologies, each with its unique strengths. With their 24/7/365 reliability and ever-shrinking bezel gaps, LCD video walls are the foundation upon with GPO Display was built. Our newest addition, OLED video walls, give you flexibility (quite literally) when designing video wall arrays. Better yet, these video wall displays show real colors (and real black) in a sleek, lightweight package.

LCD Video Wall

All of our LCD video walls share key characteristics, so that you’ll never have to compromise on the basics when choosing the right fit for your application. These features include 24/7/365 operability, some of the slimmest bezel widths available of any LCDs on the market (1.7mm to 3.5mm combined), and Full HD resolution. Lastly, we ensure that these high-grade electronics are put through rigorous quality control – our entire lineup of video walls are assembled and tested at our facility in Livermore, CA.

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OLED Video Wall

OLED video walls are the newest addition to GPO Display’s lineup. This new series consists of both a 55” curvable display and a 65” 4K display. The 55” curvable model (OL55NLU) features a flexbile panel that can wrap around columns, create “donut” video walls, as well as “wavy” video walls hanging from ceilings and walls alike. What the 65” 4K model (OL65KLU) lacks in flexibility, it makes up for in size and resolution, adding stunning realism to OLED technology’s existing strengths. Both can be used to create video walls of endless size. Both feature infinite contrast for “true” blacks and real color reproduction. No other video wall technology can match the impact of OLED.

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Video Wall Mounts


The newly-designed H-Mount builds on GPO Display’s long line of proprietary video wall mounting solutions. This latest mount provides the same benefits of past designs (ease of installation & alignment, low risk of damage during installation) but with better access for individual displays during service. As with past GPO Display video wall mounts, side covers are included at no additional cost.

Full Service Mount

This Full-Service Video Wall Mount from Peerless-AV provides a front-serviceable alternative to GPO Display’s proprietary mounts. These mounts are an especially good fit for video wall arrays where displays are recessed in a wall pocket or are surrounded by custom trim/millwork. “no-tool-required” fine-tune adjustments can be made on each axis. Side covers/trim are optional.

Floor Stand

Floor Stands can be used to create self-supporting video walls of infinite length. Optional locking rear doors are available for floor stand mounts and lend a clean, finished appearance to the wall from every angle. Floor Stands are built-to-order and can be customized upon request. Floor stands can include either wheels or anchors at the base.

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