OLED Video Walls

OLED video walls are the newest addition to GPO Display’s lineup. This new series consists of both a 55” curvable display and a 65” 4K display set for release in mid-2020. The 55” curvable model (OL55NLU) features a flexbile panel that can wrap around columns, create “donut” video walls, as well as “wavy” video walls hanging from ceilings and walls alike. What the soon-to-be-released 65” 4K model (OL65KLU) lacks in flexibility, it makes up for in size and resolution, adding stunning realism to OLED technology’s existing strengths. Both can be used to create video walls of endless size. Both feature infinite contrast for “true” blacks and real color reproduction. No other video wall technology can match the impact of OLED.

Cut Sheets
Control Software

Our free control software will allow you to power on/off (manual or scheduled).

Superior contrast

OLED video wall panels offer unparalleled contrast and “true” blacks.

4K Daisy-Chain

OLED video wall displays support the daisy-chaining of a 4K signal via DP.

Real color

OLED technology provides better color reproduction than any video wall to date.

HDCP Compliant

HDCP-Compliant digital inputs.

Multi Vision Processing

Expand sources over entire video wall arrays.

Model# OL55NLU OL65KLU
Panel Technology Commercial OLED Commercial OLED
Screen Size 55″ 65″
Curvature Landscape: ±1000R
Portrait: ±1000R
Resolution 1920×1080 3840×2160
Brightness 400nit (APL 25%) / 150nit (APL 100%) 400nit (APL 25%) / 150nit (APL 100%)
Response Time 1ms (G to G) 1ms (G to G)
Viewing Angle 178° / 178° 178° / 178°
Bezel Width 3.5mm tiled (L/R/U: 3.5mm D: 8.9mm) L/R/U: 6.5mm D: 8.9mm
Inputs (3) HDMI, (2) DisplayPort, (1) RS232 (3) HDMI, (2) Display Port, (1) RS232
Outputs (1) DisplayPort, (1) RS232 (1) Display Port, (1) RS232
Item Download
User Manual Download file
Serial Command List Download file
Warranty Warranty

OLED Video Wall Cutsheets

Screen Size Bezel Width Brightness Cutsheet Download
55″ 3.5mm tiled (L/R/U: 3.5mm D: 8.9mm) 400nit (APL 25%) / 150nit (APL 100%) OL55NLU New*
65″ L/R/U: 6.5mm D: 8.9mm 400nit (APL 25%) / 150nit (APL 100%) OL65KLU Coming Soon*

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