Since there is no single purpose for a video wall, we here at GPO Display wanted to explore the multitude of environments in which they can be deployed.
Airport retail store video wall

What is a video wall?

A video wall, broadly defined, is a group of displays that combine to form a single, contiguous large screen. These days, they are typically pieced together from either LCD or LED displays (for more details about the difference between the two read our blog). GPO Display provides LCD video walls that can be made into virtually infinite configurations and can be operated 24/7/365. We can even provide Transparent OLED video walls!

Here are ten settings that could benefit from the addition of a video wall and a couple of suggestions for each: 

  1. Schools: Upcoming events, emergency messaging
  2. Airports: Flight schedules, advertising
  3. Hospitals: Directional signage/maps, television in waiting rooms
  4. Houses of worship: Camera feeds for visibility in large congregations, sub/surtitles
  5. Corporate campuses/office buildings: Introducing the organization, welcome signage
  6. Control rooms: Security camera feeds, hotspot/emergency maps
  7. Retail spaces: Highlighting sale/clearance items, drawing foot traffic
  8. Museums: Ticketing area signage, bringing video elements into exhibits
  9. Broadcasting Studios: Video elements both behind and within news desks
  10. Bars & Restaurants: Television and menu signage

This is by no means an all-encompassing list and for most projects, all that is holding you back is your imagination. Our motto is “visual solutions created for you” and we want to make the video wall of your dreams a reality.  

Video wall in a restaurant in New Orleans.
Video wall in an Osaka retail shopping center
Video walls used in a control room at State of Michigan.

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