You may have read the term “Secure-ready” before – perhaps on our website or stumbled upon it on a cutsheet. But what does it mean?


“Secure-Ready” is a designation we at GPO Display give a monitor which has no RF/Near-Field Communication (NFC), Wi-Fi, or onboard computing. Only the minimum non-volatile memory required to operate an LCD is included. Our lineup is almost all 24/7-rated and with these displays’ secure-ready features (or lack of features), they are perfect for mission-critical applications where highly sensitive information is transmitted.

Why would you want a Secure-Ready display?

Wi-Fi connected displays, or “smart” displays pose several risks which makes having a “secure-ready” or “dumb” display the smarter, and safer choice.

Some of the security risks include:

  1. Unauthorized Access: Wi-Fi signal allows the display to be connected to a system where someone with ill intent could access the display.
  2. Data Interception: If data is being transferred between devices, it has a risk of being intercepted by hackers if not properly encrypted.
  3. System Vulnerabilities: With a connection to Wi-Fi, the risk of a compromised display increases and so does the potential for the display to become a weak point and vector for the distribution of malware to other displays or the connected system. The device may also have firmware that can be vulnerable to exploitation if not regularly updated with security patches.
  4. Lack of Physical Security: Wi-Fi-connected devices in public spaces may be physically tampered with.
A variety of displays are seen in an office lobby. There is a "secure-ready" commercial display above a desk with a map of the united states one it. There is a Panoramic stretch display on the desk that says "stop. Secure location". There is a panoramics stretch display with a variety of time zones above a three by three video wall.

To decrease these risks, GPO Display has ensured that none of our displays feature a Wi-Fi connection, so our customers know they’re safe.

Which GPO Display Models are Secure-Ready?

All displays in the following series are Secure-Ready:

What settings are Secure-Ready displays best for?

Anywhere! Since our displays are secure you can feel safe knowing that they will work in any application.

You can currently find GPO Display “secure-ready” displays in:

  • Military settings
  • Financial institutions
  • House of worship
  • Corporate offices
  • Museums
  • Government offices
  • And more!

Along with our secure-ready “non-features”, GPO Display offers a large range of screen sizes, brightness levels, and custom options which make us a one-stop shop for all your display needs, for any setting.

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