3 places you can use Transparent OLEDs

Transparent OLEDs (T-OLEDs) are a cutting-edge display technology which captivates audiences through a mesmerizing blend of realistic color expressions and transparency. These remarkable screens represent the future of display technology, offering a uniquely immersive experience with depth of field incorporating static, non-display objects.

What is T-OLED?

T-OLEDs combine traditional OLEDs with the transparency of glass. Unlike conventional displays, T-OLEDs are designed to allow light to pass through them, making it possible to see what’s behind the screen when it’s not in use. However, when activated, they come to life, showcasing vibrant, high-quality visuals that seem to float in mid-air.

More information on the technology behind these displays, please see our previous blog.

Applications Beyond Imagination

T-OLED technology is not limited to a single industry. It can be applied across various sectors, from retail to automotive, healthcare, architecture, and entertainment. T-OLEDs use less power compared to LCDs and can be integrated into energy-efficient designs. They can reduce the need for printed materials and physical signs, contributing to a greener, more sustainable future.

Transparent oled (TOLED) in front of a suit retail display

Our 3 Favorite Applications

2x2 TOLED Video Wall
  1. Retail Spaces: TOLEDs can be used in storefronts to create eye-catching, interactive displays. In clothing or grocery stores, shoppers can see products through the screen while also receiving additional information or promotions. Additionally, if T-OLEDs are considered during the design of a store, they can be used for smart windows that provide shading or turn into virtual blinds when privacy is needed. In restaurants or retail, TOLEDs can be used as interactive menus or point-of-sale displays.
  2. Education: T-OLEDs can be used in classrooms to create interactive learning environments, where information is displayed while still allowing students to see the teacher. In the medical field, TOLEDs can be used in augmented reality surgical procedures or as interactive information displays for patient charts and data or to help in educational simulations.
  3. Gaming: Transparent screens can be used in gaming applications, creating immersive and interactive experiences that are unable to be replicated with traditional OLED or LCD displays. They can also be used for augmented reality experiences, helping a player feel like they are transported into another space.

The Future Beckons

The versatility of TOLED technology makes it a promising innovation with numerous potential applications in various industries, the limit being your imagination.

Transparent OLEDs are not just a technological innovation; they are a glimpse into the future of design, interaction, and communication. As they continue to evolve, TOLEDs promise to change how we perceive and engage with the world around us.

TOLED Display in a museum

GPO Display’s transparent OLED displays are TAA-compliant & secure-ready (no RF/NFC, WiFi, or embedded computing).