GPO Display Launches New Line of Power Over Ethernet Panoramic LCDs for 24/7-Rated Digital Signage in Previously Underutilized Wall Spaces.

A Panoramic stretch display with the time 2:15pm, "occupied" room and a microphone, speaker and camera icon on the screen. The display has a large blue ethernet cable coming out from the side.

Livermore, CA (­­­­­­Sept 14, 2023) — GPO Display, a leading provider of commercial display solutions, has announced the launch of its new line of Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Panoramic LCDs. These innovative displays range from 27-50″, offering a unique stretched aspect ratio and an alternative approach to power. This potent combination enables users to adopt digital signage where traditional 16:9 displays cannot fit and where AC power outlets are rare. This opens new possibilities for room status, directional signage, world clock applications, and more in previously underutilized wall spaces. PoE Panoramic LCDs include slim-profile mounting brackets and trim for all sides, ensuring a sleek and aesthetically pleasing installation. This comprehensive solution is ready to hang on the wall directly out of the box.

“We are extremely proud to announce the launch of our new line of PoE Panoramic displays. GPO Display takes feedback from designers, installers, and end-users alike,” says Sean Driscoll, VP of Sales at GPO Display. “The most common difficulty shared with us by designers and installers of our existing Panoramic LCD lineup is that these displays are often placed in areas without convenient access to AC outlets. The addition of AC outlets involves scheduling an electrician onsite, which can be costly and inconvenient. The new lineup solves the outlet problem and features a convenient DC (Direct Current) power output for devices like media players and single-board computers.”

All PoE Panoramic LCDs are TAA-compliant and feature no RF/NFC, Wi-Fi, or embedded computing. The full lineup is also 24/7-rated, ensuring uninterrupted performance and longevity in demanding, sensitive applications. Additionally, all models in the Power Over Ethernet Panoramic LCD lineup feature a DisplayPort output with “Clone Mode” capabilities. This powerful feature allows users to display identical content on multiple Panoramic LCDs, enhancing scalability and efficiency. The signal is re-clocked at each display, enabling infinite daisy-chaining for expanded display configurations.

GPO Display continues to drive advances in display technology, providing users with innovative solutions that transform the way they engage with their audiences. With the introduction of the PoE LCDs, GPO Display reaffirms its commitment to delivering superior display technology that revolutionizes the visual communication landscape.

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