We’ve spent the better part of this decade wondering when content would catch up to Ultra-HD/4K display technology. That moment has come but driving video walls at 4K or beyond can still be complex and costly. Easy-4K video wall displays from GPO Display help simplify systems and reduce overall cost in addition to many other unique features and benefits. Here are just a few:

  1. They carry Ultra-HD/4K (3840×2160) through HDMI daisy-chain
    Most LCD video wall displays carry only up to Full-HD (1920×1080) signals in daisy-chains through multiple displays. To accommodate higher resolutions, additional outputs are needed, which increases the cost of a video wall system.Easy-4K displays can carry video signals of up to 3840×2160 (Ultra-HD/4K) across a video walls up to 3 displays wide by 3 displays high from a single output. The difference in cost between nine outputs and one is huge.4K_daisy_chainEasy-4K displays come with the option of HD-SDI inputs/outputs
    Whether in the security world, broadcast, or House of Worship spaces, HD-SDI remains a common format. Easy-4K displays offer the option of a daisy-chainable HD-SDI input which can be passed through up to 25 displays. This eliminates the need for conversion, as well as signal distribution/amplification that may be necessary for larger arrays after HD-SDI signals are converted to formats such as HDMI or DVI. HD-SDI
  2. Color temperature presets make on-camera broadcast applications simpler
    While typical LCDs operate between 6,500-10,000 Kelvin, most broadcast studios feature lighting that is much lower on the scale. This poses a problem when LCDs are on camera, and it’s one reason that seamless plasma, rear-projection, and other technologies have been widely used in on-camera broadcast applications. Easy-4K displays offer color temperature presets that get video walls in line with studio lighting quickly and easily, eliminating the need for additional color correctors.color tempertureThese are just three of the many reasons to choose Easy-4K displays for your next video wall application. Add in GPO Display’s standard Three-year advance replacement warranty (Cover 3/Quick 3), our responsive support team, and our ability to assist you through every step of our project, and you have a recipe for success.Easy-4K displays are available in 46”, 49” and 55” displays with both Ultra Narrow Bezel (3.5mm combined bezel gap) and Extreme Narrow Bezel (1.8mm combined bezel gap) options. Mid-brightness (500nit) and High-brightness (700nit) options allow you to find the ideal fit for virtually any indoor application.