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We now offer three InteracTable designs for a better fit in a wide variety of spaces. All InteracTables can still be customized in terms of table height, color, screen angle and cabinetry- only now, you have three distinct places to start from.

Pedestal- This classic table design features a sturdy base and spacious cabinetry capable of fitting a tower PC. The curved edges of the table surface allow for the inclusion of option rubber bumpers for kid-friendly environments. Angle the touch screen forward for more of a “drafting table” approach.

Lobby- The short, four-legged “Lobby” table is perfect for waiting rooms, casual breakout meeting sessions and situations where users are seated on couches or low chairs. Mini PC’s can be affixed to and hidden beneath the bottom of the touch screen. Think of this as the “coffee table of the future”

Flo-Thru– The elegant curves of this table lend an ultramodern appearance. An access plate in the bottom of this housing makes hidden cable runs and the housing of mini PCs easy. This design was debuted at InfoComm 2016 (bundled with a 55” 2×2 video wall) to rave reviews

Table-Ready: These projected capacitive touchscreens are ready for integration into existing or third-party table housing. While GPO Display can customize table design in a number of ways, wooden tables and adjustable/mechanized tables may be a better fit for your application. Table-ready displays can be simply inserted into these types of housing, giving you an even greater range of possibilities for interactive table applications.

Each of these designs is included in our new InteracTable bundles, which provide you with everything you need to swipe content from the table surface to a larger display. Call your local rep or 855-GPO-CORP for more information!

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