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We’ve all seen futuristic war rooms and police command centers as depicted in movies and television. Those of us in the AV industry are perhaps even more aware of these shows from clients asking, “Can I get a touchscreen that allows me to swipe content up to a larger display…you know, like Hawaii Five-0?”

We have just the thing you to make it possible in a way that is both cost-effective and customizable. The combination of our InteracTable and Video Wall creates the “Hawaii Five-0” solution that you’re looking for (among other things); and allows users to swipe images, videos, web pages and other file formats up to a Video Wall.

How does it work?

To start, we combine Touchtech’s Lima software with the InteracTable’s sleek touch table housing. Our InteracTables’ screen sizes range from 42-55” with virtually endless possibilities for custom housing designs, branding and screen heights/angles. Next, we add the PC, which can either be provided by the client or by us. The only thing left to decide is the size of the extended desktop, which in this case is a Video Wall. Also, depending on the room, you may want to mount the displays on a wall or atop of a customizable floor stand – and that’s it!

But this sort of solution doesn’t only work for recreating the Hawaii Five-0 set, in fact, this powerful bundle is ideal for: museums, corporate lobbies, high-end retail and presentation environments.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading about our screen content swiping capabilities. If you have any questions, you can contact us directly through our website by clicking here or by calling 510-659-9855.

See you soon!