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Unfortunately, video wall mounts are sometimes overlooked during the design process of a video wall solution. While this aspect of video walls can get lost in the mix, selecting the right (or wrong) mounting solution can either make your video wall installation experience incredible, or incredibly difficult.


Hello, my name is Chris Mehlhoff, and I want to welcome you to GPO Display’s weekly blog post. Every week we write an article focusing on either a product of ours, a topic related to said product, or any other subject that we currently find fascinating about the AV industry. This week I wanted to discuss a component of video wall systems that gets less attention than it deserves- mounting. In my experience, I often find potential video wall buyers get hung up on one specific detail; the LCD panel. Whether its talk of competitive panel pricing, bezel width, contrast or brightness ratings; the corresponding video wall mounts never seem to receive as much attention. This relative lack of consideration for video wall mounts is in compounded by concern for control, switching, and other electronic components of a system – and rightfully so! Commercial AV integration has a lot of moving parts, and it’s sometimes easy to lose sight of a component that is neither electronic nor much of an audiovisual product in and of itself.

The Mounting Difference

Installers, service technicians, and engineers can attest to just how important it is to have a proper mounting solution in place, especially as bezel gaps shrink and LCD panels become more delicate. By selecting the right video wall mount, you give yourself a solid foundation on which to base the rest of your system. The type of mounting solution you choose ultimately affects these key aspects of video wall installation & user experience:

  • Installation Time/Labor
  • Initial Alignment and Maintenance of Alignment over time
  • Serviceability
  • Appearance

Final Thoughts

So how can GPO Display help? Well, we have long focused on the four factors listed above and have made improvements in each. Some mounting solutions are stronger than others in certain areas and some may fit better in specific applications/spaces. As a company that provides both commercial-grade video walls displays and our own proprietary mounts, GPO Display considers both sides of the equation during product development. This allows us immediate user feedback on video wall systems as a whole and allows us to make the modifications necessary to any of the mounts that might be lacking in features.

Unlike most display manufacturers, we design and manufacture our own patented mounts. As is the case with our displays, we begin at research and development but never stop there. We offer onsite services to ensure smooth adoption of our unique mounting solutions, ensuring that your first and all future installations go smoothly.

If you want to learn more about our video wall mounts, then click here. You can also contact us directly through our website by clicking here or by calling 510-659-9855.

Thanks for your time, and we’ll see you next week!