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After years of experience and customer feedback from a broad spectrum of video wall installations, we’ve been able to massively further our R&D efforts. As a result of such understanding, the Slide-Bracket mounting system was created as a non-technical solution for mounting video walls. Tailored for precision alignment and easy access, slide-brackets offer efficient, speedy installation and replacement. Slide-brackets can be used in a wide range of environments with Super Narrow Bezel (SNB) displays and may be affixed to walls, reinforcement frames or GPO Display floor stands.

Keeping it Simple

Most video wall mounts on the market have a number of moving parts, which can complicate installation and alignment. We at GPO Display agree with DaVinci’s assertion that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. This is the key to the success of our Slide-Bracket mounts, as they feature no internal moving parts; the Slide-Bracket is essentially a frame with no hinges, joints or levers to complicate the installation and alignment process.

Both initial alignment and long-term maintenance of alignment are particular strengths of Slide-brackets. Slide-bracket video wall displays can move (3.94” left/right) side-to side within the slide-bracket track (as pictured in Fig. 3), providing access to devices such and receivers, D/As or media players positioned behind a given display. The alignment of the displays is not altered during this side-to-side movement, as the slide tracks within the mounting structure ensure the maintenance of y-axis alignment. X-axis alignment is regained when sets are returned to their fixed/installed position.

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Fig. 1 – Slide-Bracket mount affixed in a mounting array.

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Fig. 2 – Slide-Bracket mount back-end wheel location.

Fig. 2 above shows four wheels on the rear of the panel (two on top, two on bottom). The four notches in each Slide-Bracket mount (Fig. 1) allows for the wheels to insert into the slide track. Once all wheels are correctly aligned and on the slide track (Fig. 3), simply slide the video wall display to enter its mounted position. This concept is similar to that of a sliding patio door.

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Fig. 3 – Close up of Slide-Bracket mount track.

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Fig. 4 – Close up of a wheel.

Final Thoughts

Slide-brackets are affordable, easy to install, and particularly well-suited for video wall arrays of any size. While our LCD video walls can be configured for compatibility with VESA-standard third-party mounts, our proprietary mounts focus on making your job easier. Our Slide-Bracket solutions can be used with our Super Narrow Bezel 46 inch and 55 inch video wall models and may also be combined with our video wall floor stands for an attractive, mobile, and free-standing array.

If you want to learn more about our Slide-Bracket Mounts, then click here. You can also contact us directly through our website by clicking here or by calling 510-659-9855.

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