Before getting into any details, we here at GPO Display want to again wish you a Happy New Year.

To kick things off, we’re posting a newsletter update to let you know about our new “Second Generation’ video walls. If you browse the website, you will notice some significant changes. We won’t spoil all of the things we’ve changed, so you’ll just have to take a peek yourself. However, we can give you some pointers on where to look.


On our video wall page we’ve added three new video walls to the lineup, aka “Generation 2”.

On our auto-condition reporting page we’ve made some adjustments to convey ACR and ACRlite in easy-to-understand graphics.

On our video wall mounts page we’ve made a few changes to our lineup with the addition and removal of new and old mounts alike.


We hope you take the time to browse through all of our additional product changes, and as always, please feel free to reach out anytime by contacting us through our website by clicking here, or by calling 510-659-9855.



The GPO Display Team