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With a new year comes new innovation. Just in the past month, we’ve added three new video walls to our lineup. Today, in conjunction with our monthly product spotlight on the homepage of our website, we’re bringing you the key features of the “New Standard” (NSV-series) video wall.

The New Standard vs The “Old” Standard

The New Standard Video Wall (NSV-series) is an updated, “Gen 2” version of our flagship Standard Video Wall (SV-Series). This series comes with improvements in design, functionality, and contains a greater array of options for users to choose from.

  • Display Sizes – The New Standard is available in 46, 49, and 55” sizes.
  • Brightness – The New Standard features brightness options for virtually any indoor application, whereas the Gen 1 Standard/SV-series offers “mid-bright” 500nit models only. The New Standard features 450nit (49” only); and a choice between 500nit/700nit for 46” and 55” models.
  • Bezel Width – As 3.5mm combined bezel becomes the new standard in LCD mullion, GPO Display has included this Ultra Narrow Bezel on each New Standard series model- an improvement upon the 5.5mm Super Narrow Bezel of the Gen 1 Standard series.
  • Mounted Depth – New Standard models offer a slimmer mounted profile (depth) from the wall than its Gen 1 predecessors.
  • Mounts – The New Standard is compatible with our new “Z-Shift” Mount which also allows for faster installation and alignment and offers greater serviceability than GPO Display’s original video wall mounting innovation, the Slide-Bracket Mount. As with all GPO Display proprietary mounts, side covers/trim are included for a clean, finished look.
  • Inputs – In addition to DVI, VGA, and RS232C – the New Standard also features HDMI and DisplayPort inputs. These inputs make use of the DVI output for daisy-chaining purposes- only one daisy-chain is necessary, even if all three inputs are used.
  • Overheating Prevention – This is a new function for all of our generation 2 video walls, this function allows video walls to automatically power off before internal components are damaged from overheating stemming from poor ventilation or other external factors.
  • Optional Features – The New Standard contains upgrade options for further serviceability and diagnostics that the Gen 1 Standard didn’t. With the addition of an ACR Hub, Auto-Condition Reporting Lite (a basic version of our comprehensive video wall health & status monitoring system) can help you keep tabs on video walls from remote locations and diagnose service issues without disruptive onsite troubleshooting. 55” models feature our new Replaceable Controller Kits, which grant access to the input/controller board for servicing and replacement without dismounting of displays.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading part one of our three-part blog series about the second generation of video walls. You can look forward to parts two and three in the coming months, and if you miss one, we’ll be sure to refresh you during one of our newsletters. If you want to learn more about our video walls, click here. You can also contact us directly through our website by clicking here or by calling 510-659-9855.

See you next week!